Popular Self-Custodial Crypto Wallets

A handy compilation of popular self-custodial crypto wallets.

Not your keys, not your coins. If you've been in crypto long enough, you've surely heard this phrase, probably more than once. Crypto has not been shy of drama in the past few months - from hacks of centralised crypto exchanges to the bankruptcy of centralised crypto lenders. While their decentralised counterparts have not been entirely spared, with cross-chain bridges being the biggest victims, the events have certainly increased the calls for self-custody of keys.  

Depending on the chain, you'll find a wide array of self-custody wallets to hold your coins and other digital assets. Stick with popular/official, battle-tested wallets, preferably open-source. When buying hardware wallets, ensure you buy them directly from the vendor. And of course, once you create a wallet, store the seed/recovery phrase in a secure location and guard it zealously. Do not upload the phrase to random websites or share with anyone pretending to be a friendly support personnel. That said, here is a handy compendium of self-custodial crypto wallets for popular chains.

Multi-Chain Wallets (Hardware)

Multi-Chain Wallets (Software)

Bitcoin Wallets

Ethereum Wallets

Solana Wallets

Avalanche Wallets

Cardano Wallets

Cosmos Wallets

Polkadot/Kusama Wallets

Sui Wallets

Aptos Wallets

Algorand Wallets

Fantom Wallets

Harmony One Wallets

Near Wallets

Stellar Wallets

Terra Wallets

Axie Infinity (Ronin) Wallets

NFT/DeFi Wallets

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