Popular Crypto Faucets for Developers

A handy compilation of popular crypto faucets for decentralised app developers.

If you're looking for free Bitcoin, this is not the post for you. There are no scam sites that make you rich or expend effort for minuscule crypto rewards either.

With that out of the way, let's talk about crypto faucets. If you are building decentralised applications (or dApps), chances are that you will need some tokens (ETH, SOL etc) for transaction fees on the test networks. Depending on the chain, it may either be unviable or time consuming to mine/collect the test tokens yourself. This is where faucets play an important one.

As long as you do not abuse the faucets, you can simply request for test tokens to be sent to your wallets. Often, there is a limit on the amount of tokens as well as the frequency of withdrawals. The faucets can also go dry, so be sure to replenish them with your leftover test tokens when done.

Finding the right faucet when you need it can sometimes be a challenge. To make it easier, I've compiled a list of popular faucets for commonly used tokens. Enjoy!

Ethereum (Rinkeby)

Ethereum (Kovan)

Ethereum (Ropsten)

Ethereum (Goerli)

Ethereum (Sepolia)


Solana (Testnet / Devnet)

Avalanche (Fuji)

Polygon (Mumbai)

Polygon (Amoy)

Arbitrum (Rinkeby)

Arbitrum (Goerli)

Arbitrum (Sepolia)

Optimism (Goerli)

Optimism (Sepolia)

Binance Smart Chain (Testnet)

TomoChain (Testnet)

Fantom Opera (Testnet)

Harmony One (Testnet)

Evmos (Testnet)

StarkNet (Testnet)

zkSync (Sepolia)

Sui (Devnet)

  • Join Sui Discord; request SUI tokens in the #devnet-faucet channel

Did I miss any? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know.

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