Browse Privately on Mobile using Firefox Focus

Browse privately on iOS and Android using Firefox Focus web browser.

Firefox Focus is an open-source, privacy-focused browser for iOS 11.4+ and Android 5.0+ mobile devices with built-in tracking protection and ad blocking. Its primary goal is to protect user privacy, but you also get the added benefit of improving browsing speed as fewer ads are loaded. It can also be set as the content-blocker in Safari web browser options.

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In addition to the privacy features, Firefox Focus checks URLs against Google Safe Browsing, a free service meant to protect users from accessing malicious or fraudulent sites. Here are the things I like most about it:

  • It has an extremely minimal interface - no distractions, very little to configure.
  • Private browsing is on by default - you do not have to open a separate window.
  • You can delete your browsing history with one click on the search window.
  • It blocks advertising, analytics and social trackers by default. You can also block content trackers, but that usually messes up the page rendering.

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